Why Lazy Susan – Taiwan’s Street Food in Iloilo City

Lazy Susan has swiftly risen to stardom in the hearts of Ilonggo food enthusiasts. With a series of delicious specialties rooted in Taiwanese Street Food and Asian culinary traditions, this brand has become a sensation in Iloilo City.

The inspiration behind the name is heartwarming – named after the owner’s mother, Susan, who was half-Taiwanese and half-Filipino. You will see her mom’s portrait on the cover of the takeout box. The owner’s vision is to create more brands in her years. And Lazy Susan is one of them. The family’s love for the ingenious rotating platform on dining tables, known as the “lazy susan,” adds a touch of nostalgia to this vibrant brand.

Technically speaking, a Lazy Susan is a turntable or rotating tray placed on a table or countertop to aid in distributing food. It is meant to allow one to have a smorgasbord without having to stand up and reach out. With a spin of the turntable, you have whatever is on there at your fingertips— literally. 

I have known this brand being one of the very first few people who tasted their first product. I am a person who loves to eat (although I loathed on the idea of growth in circular form ????) sweets and savory dishes. I seldom eat spicy food. I don’t like the spicy and hot sensation overpowering all other elements of the dish. I want a whole lot more than just a spicy kick.

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So, when I dared try Lazy Susan’s Sichuan Noodles, I know it will really explode in my mouth. But, I was surprised that the first experience was not just spicy for the sake of being spicy. There was an alternating sensation, spicy at times, and salty savory on the other end. There is also a numbing effect which I guessed helped me survive it.

Marie Wharton, the passionate owner, shares, “Taiwanese cuisine, with its rich flavors, resonates harmoniously with our Chinese-based Filipino food. Our well-traveled and discerning palates make this culinary journey a seamless one.”

From humble beginnings as a weekend venture, Lazy Susan has blossomed into a daily delight. Their menu boasts favorites like Spicy Sichuan Noodles, Pork Bao, Dumplings, and Scallion Wraps, with seasonal dishes to keep things exciting.

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But there is a different story with how I got their Pork Baos and Pepper Buns as my new favorites. The tender and juicy pulled pork in Baos and the meat in Pepper Buns seasoned with Chinese wine and pepper are on another level on their own.

The bun for the bao is also like of a siopao only that it is softer. Perfect pair for the pulled pork. Biting won’t be a problem because the strips of the pork meat are easily cut as you bite. But then it does not lose the art of chewing as flavors are extracted from the meat.

While the Pepper Bun is commonly described as crispy on the outside yet super juicy on the inside. And it really is! The minced meat is marinated overnight in Chinese wine to make it tender and juicy. It has tons of flavors from the pepper and scallions.

I also grew to love their Scallion Pancakes. Scallion pancake is a popular Chinese street food, a breakfast pancake with a lovely crispy shell and soft chewy inside.

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But that’s not all! Lazy Susan’s meteoric rise in the market has led to the introduction of irresistible combo meals, starting at just 79 pesos!

“We’re on a mission to satisfy the cravings of the hungry with mouthwatering fare, every single day,” affirms Wharton.

I also got a chance to visit the brand’s kitchen in Alta Tierra, Jaro. It was so vibrant and youthful. Of course, the whole place is instagrammable. I did a quick cooking class with Lazy Susan and tried cooking their seasonal Black Sesame Meat Bun.

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The Black Sesame Bun by Lazy Susan is juicy bun filled 3 kinds of pork meat and 1 whole egg. As ovened to perfection, the heat squeezes out all the juices inside the pork meat – pulled pork, peppered pork and braised pork. The bun is crispy on the outside and very juicy inside. This is a must-try when you see them in the pantry of Lazy Susan!

From the love of family to passion for cooking of Susan, Lazy Susan as a brand created a dent in the Ilonggo market with her dishes of Asian origin. The authentic taste with reasonable price points is a strong combination in the city. The famous street foods around Asia are filling her menu one by one. And this makes Iloilo City more excitingly delicious!

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Their latest addition, Burger Bao, became another gastronomic experience in the kitchen of Lazy Susan. Ilonggos are raving on the offerings of this brand because of the Ilonggo twist added to Taiwan’s flavor. One burger bao can fill you to satisfaction!

Indulge in these delectable delights daily by ordering through their Facebook Page or by visiting them in the Food Hall, SM City Iloilo. Lazy Susan is here to delight your taste buds, one bite at a time.

You will get a feel of Yongkang street full of people by the sunset especially on the weekends. Try these now because, why not? Barato, manamit, kag busog sa combo! (Lazy Susan is affordable, delicious and offers combos to fill your hungry tummy!)

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