Nile on Weekends (formerly known as Simply Weekend) is founded by Nile Kris Jan Banga as a blog designed to be a window of his perspective to the diversified world of travel and food blogging for the best weekend getaway.

This will be a portal in revealing and appreciating the creative power of God through nature and will be an avenue of discovering places and food for leisure. The site aims to uncover the best weekend getaway ideas in Iloilo, as well as the Philippines and tell about such wonders to the wider audience who loves day-offs and weekend vacations; to expose the hidden beauty of things and getaway places unheard, and ultimately proclaim the majesty of our Lord.

For some great and awesome opportunities for branding, marketing, and advertisement, just contact me through the contact page or my social media accounts.

Nile on Weekends is not just a blog, but an influencer.

Who is Nile?

Nile is a person with unique interests and passion on discovering things and places. His journey in experiencing God’s multifaceted beauty in the city and province of Iloilo and even in the Philippines is carved in the featured articles of Nile on Weekends. He is passionate in highlighting the wonders of Iloilo and the country, bringing them on the front lines of social media and the world.

Since October 2014, he started working as an SEO Specialist in SEO Expert Page by DLinkers Digital Marketing and Consultancy and later on launched his first website, Fire Brand Generation Hour last August 2015. Finally, on his 23rd birthday, he conceptualized and launched Simply Weekend in the free platform of WordPress.com. From then on, it collects and compiles his milestones and journeys in enjoying God and the whole creations in a diversified world.

Nile on Weekends as a Brand

Nile - or Nile on Weekends is a young arising brand and marketing advocate and consultant in Iloilo.

He is a graduate of BS in Computer Science from CPU, Cum Laude, being a sole latin awardee from his batch.

He has worked as a Link SEO Specialist at Dlinkers Digital Marketing and Consultancy creating 5 link strategies for the company before resigning to pursue independent blogging, and freelance branding and marketing partnerships via Nile on Weekends Blog and Marketing.

He is also a forerunner in building and equipping aspiring bloggers, young entrepreneurs and local businesses through his occasional speaking and training events since 2017 that catered students to professionals.

In 2018, he was busy building his brand as an endorser and supplier of products he personally trusts and uses.

In 2019, he began a project close to his passion - Business At The Wharton's - in partnership with Mrs. Wharton London Bakes and English Teas. Business At The Whartons is a virtual business mentoring to young and startup businesses. Also, he actively joined as a mentor with Junior Achievement Philippines on its business mentoring in state and universities. Moving forward, he is into market leadership for brands and young professionals.

With his age, you will be amazed by what he can share with you when you allow him to talk and share his thoughts and visions which some already came to pass. He is Nile on Weekends!


The continuous support made Nile on Weekends stayed on the journey.

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"We Brew Novels." - portrays our story as the first library cafe in Iloilo City. - Book Latte