Megaworld Celebrates Milestone with The Pinnacle’s Topping Off Ceremony at Iloilo Business Park

Megaworld, the leading property developer in the Philippines, marked a significant milestone with the formal topping off ceremony of The Pinnacle, its sixth residential condominium development within the sprawling 72-hectare Iloilo Business Park. The ceremony took place at the heart of the township’s nine-hectare boutique hotel and commercial district, solidifying The Pinnacle’s unique position as the only residential condominium development in this prime location.

The Pinnacle, a 20-story architectural marvel, is set to redefine luxury living in Iloilo with its 574 units featuring varying sizes and layouts. Residents of The Pinnacle will enjoy not only the prestige of residing in a Megaworld development but also the convenience of being situated within the vibrant and dynamic Iloilo Business Park.

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Leading the ceremonial topping off event were key figures from Megaworld (from the left):

  • Engr. Daisy Villanueva, Head of Operations for Iloilo Business Park, Megaworld
  • Ar. Astrid Cruz, Head of Construction Management, Megaworld
  • Jennifer Palmares-Fong, Head of Sales and Marketing, Megaworld Visayas
  • Engr. Jeffrey Buton, Construction Manager, Megaworld

The topping off ceremony marks the completion of the structural framework of The Pinnacle, signaling a step closer to the realization of Megaworld’s commitment to delivering exceptional living spaces that reflect innovation, quality, and luxury.

The Pinnacle is more than just a condominium; it is a testament to Megaworld’s dedication to creating communities that transcend expectations. This topping off ceremony is a momentous occasion as we inch closer to providing future residents with an unparalleled living experience within the vibrant Iloilo Business Park.

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Megaworld continues to shape the landscape of Iloilo Business Park, contributing to the city’s growth and providing residents with world-class amenities, sustainable design, and a thriving community spirit.

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