Easy Guide: MORE Power Iloilo Accepts Applications

MORE Power Iloilo

ILOILO CITY – MORE Electric Company is now open for consumers applications and inquiries after a ‘writ of possession’ was issued to Panay Electric Company four days ago by Judge Emerald Requina-Contreras of the Regional Trial Court Branch 23, allowing newcomer MORE Electric Company to take over PECO’s distribution assets. Here are things consumers should know when applying for an account or meter connection.

For consumers who are applying for new meter connection, kindly secure an application form, government ID, proof of occupancy and Certificate of Final Electrical Inspection. Should there be no available proof of occupancy, secure a Barangay Certificate of Residency and Permit for Temporary Service Connection & Oath of Undertaking.

MORE Power

For consumers who are living in the house owned by a deceased relative and you don’t have any proof of occupancy document under your name, you can still apply for an electric connection. These are the requirements you need to comply: Application Form, Government ID, Barangay Certificate of Residency, and Permit for Temporary Service Connection & Oath of Undertaking.

The electric meter in the house is named under a deceased father. You can update the details of your account. You need to submit the following requirements for us to update your account: Government ID, Proof of Ownership, Previous monthly bill from the previous DU (or previous monthly electric bill of MORE Power), and Proof of billing from other utilities that states your name and address.

MORE Power

In cases you still receive the bill from the previous DU, where should you pay? MORE Power encourages you to pay the bill at the previous DU’s office or at their authorized collecting agencies. For payment transaction, you can pay the bill deposit in available payment centers. You can pay at BDO, Landbank, Robinsons Bank, PNB, Palawan Express, RD Pawnshop, LBC and SM Supermalls. MORE Power office is also accepting applications and payments on weekends.

For consumers who have 15 years-old meters which seems to be unreliable, MORE Power has MORE KOREK. It is a program of MORE Power that targets the replacement of all defective and aging meters without any cost.

For more questions, please visit MORE Power’s Customer Services Office at General Luna Street, Brgy. Inday, City Proper, Iloilo City or you may call their hotline numbers.
(033) 323-66-19
(033) 327-29-85

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Power Struggle: Iloilo City deserves MORE Power

MORE Power

MORE Power is an electricity distribution company challenging the long-standing company, Panay Electric Company (PECO). For so long, MORE Power is lambasted online and offline as people criticize the company for being ready without any facilities such as posts, meters and cables. However, MORE did not try to brag their facilities for the moment as to secure their warehouses and resources during the process of power turnover in the city. Now, let’s us have a closer look at MORE.

MORE Power

MORE Power had less than a year when they got the franchise. The House Bill No. 8302 that aims to grant the company a franchise to be a distribution company underwent a rigid approval and was signed into law as Republic Act 11212 last February 14, 2019. RA 11212 was then made effective on March 6, 2019. This grant is termed to expired after 25 years, March 6, 2044.

MORE Power

Republic Act 11212 is an Act Granting More Electric and Power Corporation a Franchise to Establish, Operate, and Maintain, for Commercial Purposes and in the Public Interest, a Distribution System for the Conveyance of Electric Power to the End Users in the City of Iloilo, Province of Iloilo, and Ensuring the Continuous and Uninterrupted Supply of Electricity in the Franchise Area. 

As published on the Official Gazette’s website:


MORE Power in their tagline Bringing More To Life, they are a service-oriented company committed to bringing only the best customer experience to the electric consumers of Iloilo City. They fully appreciate the grave need to provide the City of Iloilo with a modernized, reliable, cost-effective, flexible and scalable power supply delivery system. As a vision, the company desires to be a preferred electric distribution utility provider that responds to the dynamic needs of consumers and delivers competent energy solutions. On the go with a noble mission, they aim to maintain their electric services in a friendly, safe, effective, non-discriminatory, cost-efficient and helpful way.

MORE Power

MORE Power Line Truck

MORE Power stands out by having four major goals for Iloilo City.


    • To provide reliable, safe, and quality electric services by investing in the upgrading of the existing electrical framework of Iloilo City.


    • To maintain an effective distribution maintenance plan to eliminate or minimize interruptions and outages.


    • To bring more to the lives of the Ilonggos and foster business growth by ensuring that its power rates are maintained at the least cost.


    • To create a meaningful customer experience with the consumers through the delivery of excellent customer services.
MORE Power

MORE Power Meters

Pursuance to their goals, MORE Power wants to take the customer service to higher ground. They will trim down the application requirements, from having more than 10 requirements to only four. This makes the process more customer-friendly. The company will also have Spot Billing in all district, 24/7 Hotline, 24/7 Quick Response Team, Key Accounts Management, and Dispute Resolution.

With the recent blackout due to energy monopoly in the area, Iloilo City deserves MORE Power and what it offers. As business goes by, competition is fine with the right civility and brand inclusivity in the market. But with the setup of the current energy distribution company where generally, there can only be one single direct source puts the whole city on the brink of city-wide shutdown should there be a problem with the “only” source. This is where competitors come to aid the greater need of the market.

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