“If you have never tried pursuing a dream, then you’re in for a marvelous surprise in this book…”

Most people thought dreams are for the rich, intelligent, and influential.

Many use family name, money and network as a benchmark for a dream come true.

But those who succeed think differently and ultimately, believe differently.

Dear Dreamer,
If you are like most of the dreamers, then you’re probably thinking that dreaming is a wishful imagination or a product of your current reality. Then, you must have been achieving the crumbs of our humanity by thinking within the clutter of the common and living among the fringes of society

That is definitely understandable. It can ease you temporarily of the pain and pressure by playfully imagining what could be.
But there is one huge, looming problem…


You know what I am talking about, right?
You might be your own enemy. You might have been locking yourself away from all the things God has already prepared for you before the foundation of the world. You might have been sabotaging your own success unconsciously.

It is enough to make you give up and just throw in the towel without even starting your dream. But hold up – it does not have to be that way…
Instead of considering a dream as wishful thinking or a product of your current reality, imagine if your dream would mean your life after 10 years. Would that interest you?

Here’s your answer: Finally! Yesterday Today Tomorrow in physical copy. This is an EXPANDED version with a Bonus Dream Matrix Activity to activate you to dream! I pulled out some more stories from my experiences to show you my humbling moments.
Many have been requesting a physical copy since last year. So, here we are!

My book is a sure way to enter into the dimension of biblical dreams and visions without losing the image of God!
This book shows how to stop cyclic problems in our life and start a better version of ourselves in the days ahead.

  • You shall read my own experiences as I relive them in the pages.
  • You shall discover my journey as a kid, and my huge shift (and risk!) when I resigned from my first and last corporate job after graduation to pursue a vision. Thus, now.
  • You shall find out how I did not succumb to suicidal thoughts amidst emotional and relational avalanches.
  • You shall find out how to be FEARLESS!
  • You shall develop grit and meet grace.
  • You shall learn how to be visionary without becoming delusional.
  • You shall learn how to identify your dream killers.
  • You shall dive into self-realization and expression.
  • You shall discover ONE thing a dreamer should NEVER do.
  • You shall get my personal system for discovering the dream you are made to fulfill.
  • You shall find out which one thing you have been doing all this time that is actually sabotaging your results. And pinpoint what you need to do instead to start getting better results in life.
  • You shall discover a surprising way to actualize your goals. This is so easy that you shall wish you had known about this 5 to 10 years ago!
  • You shall find out the top mistakes most dreamers make when they are trying to reach their goals, and how to avoid them so you can overcome them without losing so much time.
  • Are you short on time? Then, you will love this book because it is a quick read having a straightforward manner in telling my story and discussing concepts and principles.
  • Most importantly, you shall meet God in the pages of the book.

With utmost respect,

Coach Nile

Each copy of the book is at P350.00 only, shipping not included.

Shipping Fee is at P200.00 only.

How to order the book

  • Pay for your order (Total number of books x 350, plus 200). Payment methods available are Gcash to Gcash and Palawan Pera Padala to Gcash.
  • Gcash: 0915 727 0163 | Sigrid Grace A.
  • Fill up the form below once payment is successful.
  • Wait for the publisher to confirm your order for processing and shipping.
  • You can also order my book entitled The Sound of Silence – a book about the future and have them delivered in one batch. Click this link for more details:

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