Elevate Your Events with Mrs. Wharton and Casa Riviera: Unveil Affordable Elegance!

Discover the perfect blend of affordability and sophisticated elegance for your small intimate events with Mrs. Wharton and Casa Riviera in Oton, Iloilo. Whether it is a personal celebration or a corporate gathering, their affordable packages offer a seamless experience that caters to your every need.

Why Choose Mrs. Wharton and Casa Riviera?

1. Affordable but Delicious Food and Coffee Setup:

– Mrs. Wharton specializes in providing delectable yet budget-friendly food and coffee setups, ensuring your guests indulge in culinary delights without breaking the bank.

2. Aesthetic Interiors:

– Casa Riviera boasts stunning interiors that add a touch of elegance to your event, visually enhancing the atmosphere and aligning perfectly with your brand aesthetic without costing too much.

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3. Convenient Location:

– Located just a 30-minute jeepney ride from the city and strategically situated along the highway, Casa Riviera is easily accessible. Nestled across the Alcariba House in San Antonio, Oton, your guests will find convenience and charm in one place.

4. Memorable Experiences:

– Your event becomes an unforgettable experience when partnering with Mrs. Wharton and choosing Casa Riviera as the venue. Their commitment to excellence ensures that every moment is cherished, leaving a lasting impression on your guests.

5. Instagram-Worthy Venue:

– Capture the essence of your event with Instagram-worthy surroundings both for indoor and alfresco setup. Casa Riviera’s picturesque setting serves as the perfect backdrop for your memorable moments, elevating your event’s social media presence.

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Affordable Packages:

– Enjoy the luxury of an elegant event without the hefty price tag. Their affordable packages are designed to suit your budget, providing a seamless and stylish experience for your guests.

Make your event a standout success with Mrs. Wharton and Casa Riviera – where affordability meets sophisticated elegance. Contact them today to book your package and turn your intimate gathering into a celebration to remember!

Contact Information: 09505047433 (Booking Officer is Rona)

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