Saving Money: 4 Disciplines For A Savvy Millennial

Saving money has been a dilemma especially for millennials. With all the trendy stuff everywhere, savings go thinner and thinner. Everyone is easily distracted and tempted to buy new gadgets, travel to places and buy in the new fashion. Money smoothly flows out of our pockets in just a matter of a day.

According to statistics, 62 percent of millennials under 30 say they are experiencing “some” financial stress, also 15% says that they are being faced with a skyrocketing financial stress. Moreover, there are only 20% of millennials think that they can retire at the age of 65. This means that they are not sure of their financial stability and their preparation towards it.

Here is my quick tips to start your millennial savings.

Saving Money Tip: Consistency on little efforts yields to big results.

Start little. You don’t need to have a huge amount to start your savings. Start with what you have and take it slow but consistently. Ideally, savings must be 25% of what you earn. But, you can start from 10% of it and increase it after some time. Make it 15%. Then, you can shoot up to 25%, while you still enjoy your essentials and necessities. Do it every day, faithfully. In the long run, you will see the fruit of your labor.

Saving Money Tip: Spend less than you make.

Saving Money

This is a common knowledge but still is worth the repeat. According to a report,  nine (9) out of ten (10) millennials overspend, under save or take additional debt at least one month per year. That is troublesome, right? Overspending sometimes is an unaware habit. Make sure that before spending any of your resources, keep a portion for saving. And be very decisive not to touch the saving unless an unforeseen critical situation arises. Having a monthly list of things to buy or pay will ease your management of the budget.

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Saving Money Tip: Don’t hop the bandwagon.

With the access to social media platforms, you can easily see what’s new with your friends. They may either have new fashion outfits, traveled to different places, or eat some delicious food. And it’s hard not to aspire and do the same. However, you have a different situation in your hand with different sets of priorities. This time, you should be determined to save money because spending it is a lot easier. Discipline is necessary. That may be difficult at first but in the end, everything will pay off.

Saving Money

Saving Money Tip: Save while you enjoy.

I am on a journey of starting my own discipline of saving a portion of my income. I can tell it is really hard with the kind of setup that I have for myself. However, what I realize as of this moment is that to save is not really to sacrifice one’s enjoyment. It only needs a proper management of priorities. Starting little with the goal of increasing the saving over time, spending less with the essential needs, and discipline on priorities will align you to save while you enjoy. You will have to make goals and monitor your progress. From their, small efforts combined over time will become a huge result.


I am convinced that savings won’t grow without you starting it. Let’s try it for a little amount. Every day, with discipline and determination, just keep doing it regularly. Look far ahead to what the future holds. That little amount that you have at the moment will become an investment that you will surely enjoy. Start little, start now! Think bigger, live better!

Saving Money