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Bluejay Coffee and Co

Bluejay Coffee and Co. had its new menu grand launching with their latest promo – #PayWhatYouWant – and everyone was invited. The promo happened on three branches in separate dates – August 15 at The Medical City (7AM-8PM), 17 at Ayala Techno Hub (7AM-12AM) and SM City Iloilo (7AM-9PM). For me, it was a great deal and a great chance to spread the word out about their new menu. So how was the experience?

Bluejay Coffee and Co

Bluejay Coffee & Co. #PayWhatYouWant Terms and Condition

I guess, let me start with some mechanics of the promo. So, the obvious mechanics is well explained through the photo below.

Additional to what has briefly stated above, here is another list of mechanics that was explained when we got ourselves in.

  • Each table (or set of customers in one table) can submit a list of orders once (one-time only, no follow up order)
  • You can only order one menu from each category. (see the menu below)

Bluejay Coffee & Co. #PayWhatYouWant Experience

I got to experience this twice. I first went to Ayala Techno Hub Branch with my sister. From that point, the place is a bit full and people were lining up already. My sister was waiting for me. As soon as I arrived, we ordered. We had a couple of food because the supply is not that well since many have already ordered before us which depleted their stock, I guess. Well, that’s pretty fine! I expected that already. And the additional supply was not around during our time to send the list of orders. But we still enjoyed the rest of the available menu.

Bluejay Coffee and Co

The second time was I had to pull in two of my friends with me and my sister. We lined up at SM City Iloilo Branch. This time around, we got more of the menu – too much that we have to eat as soon as the food arrives because the table is not that wide to accommodate the rest at once. That’s real! Definitely, I have to say that with the pressure that might have taken over the whole promo days, the crew handled us that good. Kudos!

Bluejay Coffee and Co

Bluejay Coffee & Co. #PayWhatYouWant New Menu

Warm Autumn Ranch

Bluejay Coffee and Co Warm Autumn Ranch

Pasta Seafood Aldino

Bluejay Coffee and Co Pasta Seafood Aldino

California Chicken Pizza

Bluejay Coffee and Co California Chicken Pizza

Wild Mushroom Carbonara

Bluejay Coffee and Co Wild Mushroom Carbonara

Roasted Pumpkin Soup

Bluejay Coffee and Co Roasted Pumpkin Soup

Panini Steak Fajitas

Bluejay Coffee and Co Panini Steak Fajitas

Chorizo Omu Fried Rice

Bluejay Coffee and Co Chorizo Omu Fried Rice

Chicken Burger

Bluejay Coffee and Co Chicken Burger

Chateaubriand Tenderloin Steak

Bluejay Coffee and Co Chateaubriand Tenderloin Steak

Bluejay Classic Pizza

Bluejay Coffee and Co Bluejay Classic Pizza

Bluejay Coffee and Co Food Set 1

Bluejay Coffee and Co Food Set 2

Bluejay Coffee and Co Food Set 3

Complements to the chef and the crew! Also, shout out to Mr. Paul Mart who very well assisted us!

Bluejay Coffee and Co

For more of their new favorites, check these out!


  • Ham and Eggs Breakfast
  • Chorizo Omu Fried Rice
  • Bacon and Pancakes


  • Roasted Pumpkin Soup
  • Seafood Bisque


  • Warm Autumn Ranch
  • Bluejay Signature Salad


  • Wild Mushroom Carbonara
  • Seafood Aldino
  • Squid Ink
  • Italian Meatballs

Ciabatta Pizza

  • Vegan
  • California Chicken
  • Bluejay Classic

Main Entree

  • Chicken Roulade With Corn Shitake Sauce Supreme
  • Pan Seared Salmon With Lemon Garlic Aioli
  • Braised Pork Belly Kekuni
  • Chateaubriand Tenderloin Steak


  • Steak Fajitas
  • Grilled Cheese


  • Chicken Burger
  • Ultimate Bacon Cheese Burger


  • Beer Battered Fish and Fries
  • House Fries With Garlic Aioli

Bluejay Coffee and Co

Bluejay Coffee and Co

Bluejay Coffee and Co

Bluejay Coffee and Co

Bluejay Coffee and Co

Bluejay Coffee and Co

Check these new favorites! Visit them at their branches… Have a great time!

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