My 15 Summer Destination 2018

It is getting hotter each day. Beaches are calling my name from afar. The chills of rural areas are skipping through my bones. This summer, or even this year, even just for a dream, here are some places I want to spend a weekend. They might also be your dream summer destination.

Summer Destination 1: Perth Paradise Resort

-Sipalay, Negros Occidental


Photo credits to tuklaserangmatipid.com

Perth Paradise is found in a far town of Negros Occidental – SipalayThe town is an attraction of beautiful beaches stretching from one to the other. Perth Paradise is named after the capital of Western Australia. The beauty of the resort is highlighted by a relaxing infinity pool overlooking to wondrous spots of islands on a sea which creates a scenic beauty I long to behold.

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Basking The Beauty of Bohol: The Genesis

Long holidays will not be fun without some footsteps on a foreign land. So here we go… Simply Nile together with DLinkers and Unlideals Team decided to make some memories outside the City of Love, Iloilo City and we were up to the City of Peace and Friendship, Tagbilaran City, Bohol. We will bask the beauty of Bohol within a day or two. Now, let me start this on some moments leaving Iloilo City. We flew to Cebu and then went to Bohol via Ocean Jet.

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