QuaranSkin: Diamond Soaps and Skincare, Legit?

Diamond Forever Youth Co. Feature Image

This crisis did not leave me without a challenge especially with health concerns. And I am not only speaking about taking enough rest, vitamins, and healthy food. I also imply having to take care of our skin. Skin needs keen. Keen what? Attention. And in this journey, I discovered Diamond soaps.

Pandemic turns out the dramatic in us when it comes to self-care, moreover skincare! If you cringe on cliches, I guess the “Skincare is an investment” can offer you exceptions because, true, we need to take care of our skin now for a brighter future (no pun intended). 

A vast and drowning products and endorsements are seen across our screens that got us so confused. Why not try re-breathing and trying to rest your skin barriers from layers of creams and serums? 

The value of skincare products is not always represented by their price. Not all expensive products are worth it. In the same way, not all affordable ones are a waste of money. 

So here is one of my QuaranSkin discoveries amid travel ban!

When health protocols included the strict wearing of face masks, I observed some skin bumps on my cheeks. They form at the area where the lining of the face mask either rubs or closely touches the surface for extended hours. This is where the term ‘maskne‘ or acne from.

Upon this experience, I also found this new and local skincare brand, Diamond Forever Youth Co. It is one of the affordable skincare brands that popped up just this year. But, one common question is, is it really effective considering it is very affordable? Briefly, let me tell you about my experience.

The first thing I tried are the soaps, specifically the Healing Soap and the Raspberry Soap. 

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Healing soap is mainly composed of sulfur and malunggay to heal and protect the skin. Malunggay is known to be rich in Vitamin C that is essential for healthy glowing skin. Vitamin C boost collagen which reduces fine lines and wrinkling. More importantly, it has anti-inflammatory properties that help heal wounds. 

Of course, sulfur is known to be a good treatment for a lot of skin conditions, such as dermatitis, rashes and eczema. It also gets rid of excess oil that may contribute to acne breakout. It has antibacterial properties that help kill topical bacteria and prevent it from spreading. 

One notable observation I had when I started using Healing Soap was that within the 24 hours, those skin bumps, either flatten or their heads are easily pushed out to the surface. This starts the healing of the skin from maskne. Cliche as it sounds, you get to rid of these stubborn bumps overnight. 

Of course, while some are already healed and gone, new ones keep popping out because of wearing face masks in a tropical country. But with Healing soap, I am secured that I can treat them as they pop out the surface.

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Now that my skin is healing itself with the use of Healing soap, I began treating the dark spots using the Raspberry soap. Raspberry Soap is mainly made up of collagen and rosehip.

Collagen is already proven to be effective for skincare. It helps smooths wrinkles and boosts the elasticity of the skin. It aids the skin to better hold just enough moisture.

While rosehip, it has good fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins that help lock in moisture to your skin. Plus, it naturally and smoothly exfoliates to bring out younger renewed skin. It helps repair and regenerate the skin to reduce the appearance of scarring and damage. 

They also have other variants for Diamond soaps: Gluta Milk, Honey Kojic, and Blueternate Butterfly Pea.

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Also, I ordered their rejuvenating sets to supplement the treatment I am doing with the maskne breakout.

Diamond Rejuvenating Set has kojic soap, toner, and two types of cream, sunscreen in the morning and rejuvenating cream at night. The set helped me reveal the new younger skin smoothly. 

But, I had to do facial scrubbing twice or thrice a week to keep the peeling unnoticed while using additional moisturizer alongside this set. But this is a personal preference. Nonetheless, I used up the set til the last drop. And indeed, it really helped me reveal a healthier skin

Diamond Forever Youth Co. also has Whip Lotion with Niacinamide and beauty serums. The whip lotion is both good for instant body concealer and for smooth skin because of niacinamide. As we all know, the most loved skincare ingredient of all time is Niacinamide.

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Overall, Diamond Forever Youth Co. is worth and effective for its price. So, if you want to try if your skin is compatible wth their formulation, order now via their Facebook Page. And because I am very convinced of their products, I got a discount code for partnership with them. Use my code when ordering, #DFYCxCoachNile for big discounts!

Now, how was your quaranskin these days?