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New E-Book, Shift of the Sound! Order now!

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Coach Nile published another life-changing and mind-boggling book “Shift of the Sound” amid a worldwide pandemic. This is his second book following the release of Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow last May 2020 (which is still available for orders).

Shift of the Sound is a refreshing content to read in a time when all hope is seemingly gone. The book is a short manual in maneuvering the worst scenarios of today’s crisis. It is packed with practical and spiritual solutions to guide you and me in thriving above any problems of today. 

The book also started in a mystery of God. Majority of its content was written last February 2016 from the series of blogs that are not published on the new website. This is in itself is a mystery that God is way ahead than this pandemic. The COVID-19 did not surprise God at all. He was speaking ahead and has given the blueprint four to five years ago. 

This book is for the ones who are looking forward to striving, surviving and eventually thriving over this collapsing world system. This is for those who are eager to hear what God has to say over these days. This is also for those who are curious about the mystery of God being omniscient and omnipresent.

Shift of the Sound book is also for people in levels of leadership roles in organizations, offices, fellowships and companies. Direction and couple of warnings for influential figures are encapsulated in this book. Every leader should not miss the right approach for the new normal that is set before us.

Why should you buy an E-Book?

To everyone who asked how they can send support to the projects initiated or co-organized by Coach Nile.PH, this is the time to make that happen! Support me in my journey in all the projects I am currently doing and those that I will be doing in the future. 

How much is this e-book?

Get the e-book and support my platforms for only P150.00 or 3US$. Since this is a passion project, I strongly urge you to not share the e-book file carelessly but to offer this opportunity to purchase to family and friends who also want to support me on my vision.

My goal in creating Nile.PH is to meet and grow one thousand dreamers of God who are living their God-given purpose in leadership to advance God’s will on earth. This is why I blog, write books, consult, coach, and mentor people.

How Do I Order?

Step 1. Pay for order. Our payment options include:

a. Bank deposit or Bank Transfer

Banco De Oro (BDO): 0008 3030 3243

b. GCash

Mobile Number: 09058369198

Step 2. PM or email me the following details.

  • Full Name
  • Contact Number
  • Email
  • Proof of Payment

Step 3. We will send back the file to you. Please allow us 2-3 working days to deliver to you. Official launching will be on October 26, 2020 – the same day of the launching of the mastermind session with patrons on The Leader’s Quotient (enrollment is on going, enroll now!).

For any questions or further clarifications, you can contact me at yesterdaytodaytomorrow.book@gmail.com or message me on my Nile.PH Facebook Page at fb.me/CoachNile.PH .

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Free Coaching Series, Breaking Through Limits

Group Coaching Breaking Through Limits Feature Image

I am launching a new group coaching this August – Breaking Through Limits under the campaign of Coach Nile.PH to empower us to thrive in a constricted uncertain environment nowadays. 

Breaking Through Limits is a FREE 4-part weekly online group coaching series that will discuss and identify what stops us from becoming our best selves. Also, sessions will help us discover strategies on how we can overcome these obstacles. 

We have our personal pegs and dreams to be someone someday. However, some walls invisibly hinder us. I included four of the most common walls which will be discussed weekly. 

Breaking Through Limits started last August 6 discussing the first wall, Limitation on Possibilities. It answered the basic roadblocks in achieving our dreams, visions, goals, and plans.

Our mind is a gift during creation that can conceive what is intangible to bring it to reality. Vision and dreams, goals, and plans are in the dimension of imagination which has no element of time and space. It is just a matter of time that we see them in our physical dimension as a result of a series of actions and interactions.

Our mind is the asset we can develop without costing us so much, especially with the pandemic now – the very reason why this is made for FREE. It is made possible through the support of Coach Nile.Ph monthly supporters, Iloilo Bloggers SocietyIBS Digital Network, and Thinkspace located in Jalandoni St. Jaro Iloilo City, across Jollibee Drive-thru, above Ultracare.

This aims to push us forward despite the crisis we are facing these days. I am still hopeful that we will thrive over this pandemic and we will get to the other side of this together. 

To join the sessions of Breaking Through Limits, register through this link: https://bit.ly/2X04qeA . Come and join us for the rest of the remaining session!

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New E-Book, Shift of the Sound! Order now!
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