What to do when going to Boracay? 2021 Tourist Guide

Going to Boracay 2021 Guide Feature Image

Boracay is one of the first major tourist destinations in the Philippines that resumed operation for leisure travelers. Even though the country’s most renowned beach is open to visitors, we still have to maintain safety and meet all the requirements. So here’s a simple guide when preparing for a Boracay trip this 2021.

As I wrote below the requirements I know for the moment, always check with the authorities for the latest updates and possible restrictions and requirements that may affect your itineraries. Make sure to follow the health and safety protocols implemented in your origin and destination.

As for gateway to Boracay, the Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF) advised that each airport in Aklan will operate for a specific type of passenger, depending on the purpose of travel.

Boracay Airport or Caticlan Airport serves Boracay-bound leisure travelers. Kalibo Airport opens for returning overseas Filipino workers (ROFWs), locally stranded individuals (LSIs), and authorized persons outside of residence (APORs).

For travelers who will be visiting Boracay this year, here are the documents you need to prepare.

  1. Health Declaration Card. You can do this online. Go to Tourist Boracay website and click Boracay. Fill in the form.
  2. Confirmed hotel or resort booking on the island. Keep in mind to only book in a hotel with a Certificate of Authority to Operate/Provisional Certificate of Authority to Operate from the Department of Tourism.
  3. Negative RT-PCR test. Must be taken within 72 hours prior to departure. RT-PCR tests must be done only in any of the accredited laboratories. 
  4. E-mail these requirements to the authorities: Attach a copy of Health Declaration Form, RT-PCR Negative Result with the date of extraction within 72 hours to date of travel, a copy of confirmed booking slip/form, roundtrip flight/travel details, and proof of identification with Philippine Residency and send to using the email subject “HDC-FamilyName, FirstName”. If you are traveling with companions, you can send the documents in one email with the list of names of those traveling with you. 
  5. Tourist QR Code and Health Declaration Card. These will be sent to your e-mail once processing is successful. Print or keep a digital copy of your Tourist QR Code and keep it with you at all times when you are on the island.

Submit your documents at least 12 hours or more before your flight/travel to avoid delays. Send only valid documents as falsification is punishable by lawAccording to the Aklan Provincial Government, you should receive a response to your e-mail within 2 hours. 

If processing is unsuccessful, an email will be sent to you requesting for additional requirements or clarification. Immediately comply with this to avoid delays in the QR Code release.

Your Tourist QR Code has an expiry of twelve (12) hours from your accommodation checkout time. For an extended stay in Boracay Island, send an email of a new booking slip showing the extension to before your original checkout time.

I hope this simplified guide helps you on our future trip to Boracay. Stay tuned for more travel blogs!

*Photo by Fritz Mendez

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QuaranSkin: Diamond Soaps and Skincare, Legit?

Diamond Forever Youth Co. Feature Image

This crisis did not leave me without a challenge especially with health concerns. And I am not only speaking about taking enough rest, vitamins, and healthy food. I also imply having to take care of our skin. Skin needs keen. Keen what? Attention. And in this journey, I discovered Diamond soaps.

Pandemic turns out the dramatic in us when it comes to self-care, moreover skincare! If you cringe on cliches, I guess the “Skincare is an investment” can offer you exceptions because, true, we need to take care of our skin now for a brighter future (no pun intended). 

A vast and drowning products and endorsements are seen across our screens that got us so confused. Why not try re-breathing and trying to rest your skin barriers from layers of creams and serums? 

The value of skincare products is not always represented by their price. Not all expensive products are worth it. In the same way, not all affordable ones are a waste of money. 

So here is one of my QuaranSkin discoveries amid travel ban!

When health protocols included the strict wearing of face masks, I observed some skin bumps on my cheeks. They form at the area where the lining of the face mask either rubs or closely touches the surface for extended hours. This is where the term ‘maskne‘ or acne from.

Upon this experience, I also found this new and local skincare brand, Diamond Forever Youth Co. It is one of the affordable skincare brands that popped up just this year. But, one common question is, is it really effective considering it is very affordable? Briefly, let me tell you about my experience.

The first thing I tried are the soaps, specifically the Healing Soap and the Raspberry Soap. 


Healing soap is mainly composed of sulfur and malunggay to heal and protect the skin. Malunggay is known to be rich in Vitamin C that is essential for healthy glowing skin. Vitamin C boost collagen which reduces fine lines and wrinkling. More importantly, it has anti-inflammatory properties that help heal wounds. 

Of course, sulfur is known to be a good treatment for a lot of skin conditions, such as dermatitis, rashes and eczema. It also gets rid of excess oil that may contribute to acne breakout. It has antibacterial properties that help kill topical bacteria and prevent it from spreading. 

One notable observation I had when I started using Healing Soap was that within the 24 hours, those skin bumps, either flatten or their heads are easily pushed out to the surface. This starts the healing of the skin from maskne. Cliche as it sounds, you get to rid of these stubborn bumps overnight. 

Of course, while some are already healed and gone, new ones keep popping out because of wearing face masks in a tropical country. But with Healing soap, I am secured that I can treat them as they pop out the surface.


Now that my skin is healing itself with the use of Healing soap, I began treating the dark spots using the Raspberry soap. Raspberry Soap is mainly made up of collagen and rosehip.

Collagen is already proven to be effective for skincare. It helps smooths wrinkles and boosts the elasticity of the skin. It aids the skin to better hold just enough moisture.

While rosehip, it has good fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins that help lock in moisture to your skin. Plus, it naturally and smoothly exfoliates to bring out younger renewed skin. It helps repair and regenerate the skin to reduce the appearance of scarring and damage. 

They also have other variants for Diamond soaps: Gluta Milk, Honey Kojic, and Blueternate Butterfly Pea.

Also, I ordered their rejuvenating sets to supplement the treatment I am doing with the maskne breakout.

Diamond Rejuvenating Set has kojic soap, toner, and two types of cream, sunscreen in the morning and rejuvenating cream at night. The set helped me reveal the new younger skin smoothly. The production of rejuvenating was stopped because the brands want to focus on targeted skin care more than having a set.

But, I had to do facial scrubbing twice or thrice a week to keep the peeling unnoticed while using additional moisturizer alongside this set. But this is a personal preference. Nonetheless, I used up the set til the last drop. And indeed, it really helped me reveal a healthier skin

Diamond Forever Youth Co. also has Whip Lotion with Niacinamide and beauty serums. The whip lotion is both good for instant body concealer and for smooth skin because of niacinamide. As we all know, the most loved skincare ingredient of all time is Niacinamide.

Overall, Diamond Forever Youth Co. is worth and effective for its price. So, if you want to try if your skin is compatible wth their formulation, order now via their Facebook Page. And because I am very convinced of their products, I got a discount code for partnership with them. Use my code when ordering, #DFYCxCoachNile for big discounts!

Now, how was your quaranskin these days?

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Oceans Edge Resort, NEXT Big Thing near Boracay!

Oceans Edge Resort Carabao Island

Summer 2020 is anticipated to have thousands of tourist arrival this year in Boracay Island. More than that, we are seeing a revival of the sister island of Boracay, the Carabao Island. The island is geared towards sustainable and cultural tourism with the opening of Oceans Edge Resort. 

Carabao Island is the southernmost island of Romblon, dubbed as the “twin sister” island of the world famous Boracay Island of Aklan. Popularly known as Hambil to the locals, this island is only an hour away from the busy party scenes in Boracay. Despite its closeness, Carabao Island entirely offers an opposite ambiance to tourists. The island is part of the town of San Jose in the province of Romblon with about five barangays and less than 10,000 inhabitants. 

Oceans Edge Resort Carabao Island

Carabao Island reams international standard as its newest destination, Oceans Edge Resort opens up for a redefined luxurious paradise with several facilities from villas, clubhouse and bar lounge, shuttle van, infinity swimming pool, all-natural farm and spa services. 

On top of the sun, sea, sand and serenity totally opposite of Boracay’s life, the island is magnified with simple pleasures of climbing a bent coconut tree, watching the sun rise and listening to the waves. Time passes unnoticed in this tropical paradise of serene beauty.

Oceans Edge Resort Carabao Island

The country’s most famous coconut tree!

Oceans Edge Resort is the flagship development of Oceans 11 Property Development Inc., a real estate company registered in the Philippines specializing in resort development. The Company ventures in 5-star luxury properties in the country. 

Let me give you a virtual tour of the resort.

We arrived at Caticlan, Aklan in the morning. We crossed the water to get to Carabao Island. Then we took a shuttle van to the resort. We were welcomed with this view from the infinity pool and a cocktail drink.

After some chit chat, we were brought to our villas. Oh the beauty, our villa is facing the viewing deck. The resort has three types of villas – garden view, ocean view and cliff villa.

Oceans Edge Resort Carabao Island

Oceans Edge Resort Carabao Island

Oceans Edge Resort Carabao Island

Let us check out the view from our villa!

Oceans Edge Resort Carabao Island

Oceans Edge Resort Carabao Island

Oceans Edge Resort Carabao Island

Also, let us check out the clubhouse and the bar lounge.

Oceans Edge Resort Carabao Island

Oceans Edge Resort Carabao Island

Here is the view from the bar lounge.

Oceans Edge Resort Carabao Island

Another view from the clubhouse.

Oceans Edge Resort Carabao Island

One more plus point of this resort is because of its inclusive and holistic approach in tourism. The resort highlights and hires native to do minimal services. The owner fully support the welfare of the natives as she believes they too belong in this advocacy.

Oceans Edge Resort Carabao Island

Another amazing view is the sunset which can be viewed from our villa.

Oceans Edge Resort Carabao Island

The sunset’s warm light striking the garden view villas.

Oceans Edge Resort Carabao Island

Of course, the resort won’t be as good without the sumptuous food. They have their own organic and all-natural farm and garden from where they get their ingredients, vegetables and fruits. Looks tasty, right?

There are more reason to visit Carabao Island, and definitely Oceans Edge Resort is the best one so book nowOceans Edge Resort, The Next Big Thing near Boracay Island. Discover a hotel that defines the new dimension of luxury, a tropical paradise waiting to be discovered this summer! The unspoilt natural beauty in Carabao Island, Romblon!

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My 4K Budget Plan to El Nido Palawan 4D-3N

El Nido Palawan

Nile on Weekends started the year with an adventure! Together with my family, we went to El Nido, Palawan. El Nido is a municipality on Palawan island. It is famed clear waters with white sand shores, beautiful coral reefs and as the gateway to the Bacuit archipelago. Bacuit archipelago is a group of islands with steep karst cliffs. El Nido is also known for Miniloc island having Small and Big Lagoons. 

I recommend Melo as a tour organizer. Contact him via 09168382292.

🏖 Day 1

We arrived at Puerto Princesa Airport at around 3:00PM. After which, we traveled to El Nido via a shuttle van for 6 hours. Van transfer is P500/pax. We arrived in El Nido, just in time to eat and sleep. We had a good rest at our choice accommodation.

*Melo gives the tourists an option to book their own preferred accommodation. Although, he can help them scout for an affordable one upon request of the tourist.

🏖 Day 2

The next day, we are up and ready to experience El Nido. We were fetched from the apartelle to the shore. First tour is the Tour A (BEST SELLING) which starts at 9AM to 4PM with 5 locations (Tour A is P1,200/pax includes sumptuous lunch). Tour A is mainly adventure around Miniloc Island and is limited to 200 people in a day. So, we had to reserve our slots before we arrived in Palawan. We also paid for the environmental fee P200/pax which covers our stay as a tourist and the entrance fee to lagoons P200/pax. Finally, I got to try kayaking! (So childish! heheh)

Tour A includes the following destinations.

💦Secret Lagoon

El Nido Palawan

We forgot to take out the camera from the waterproof pouch. The plastic absorbed reflection from the sunlight causing a not so good photo.

💦Payong Payong Beach

El Nido Palawan

We did our snorkeling activity on this area.

Things to remember when snorkeling.

  • Snorkeling goggles are free of charge.
  • Wear your life vest.
  • Don’t step on the coral.
  • Just float.

💦Shimizu Beach

El Nido Palawan

We also had our lunch over this area. Well, since we cannot dock, we had our floating buffet. And, we were shocked with our lunch. Fresh fruit, fishes, grilled pork belly, grilled squid, green shells, vegetables and salad plus 2 Liters of soda.

💦Big Lagoon

El Nido Palawan

Going inside the Big Lagoon, we had to do kayaking. It was fun! Midway on its entrance, there is a knee-high area where you can take photos. White clear waters means shallow depth while blue color waters is deep area.

💦Papaya Beach

Lastly, we had some relaxing hour at Papaya Beach which is a papaya plantation island back in 1970s.

El Nido Palawan

El Nido Palawan

We had a stroll by the beach and fresh coconut juice and meat.

El Nido Palawan

Palawan is strict to prohibiting the use of plastic. No use of plastic straw. So, I had to kiss the coconut long to drink its juice HAHAHA

After we arrived back to the apartelle, we fixed ourselves. Me and Ate (sister) went to Vanilla Beach to capture the beautiful sunset. Vanilla Beach is comparable with the D’ Mall of Boracay. They have store and service provider such as spa and massage, fast-food chain McDo, underwater gears rentals and more. Trikes from Vanilla beach to town proper is about P30/pax or P150/rent.

I recommend Melo as a tour organizer. Contact him via 09168382292.

🏖 Day 3

On our 3rd day, we had Tour C (BEST SELLING) which also starts at 9AM to 5PM with 5 locations (Tour is P1,400/pax includes sumptuous lunch). This tour has more physical activities especially with the Hidden Beach and the Secret Beach. But we enjoyed! We even met a fish that bites us. Don’t worry, it won’t kill you though.

Tour C includes the following destinations.

💦Helicopter Island

El Nido Palawan

There is a sanctuary of fishes near the shore. You can have snorkeling activities over this island.

💦Hidden Beach

Hidden Beach is paved with rocky entrance which use of aqua shoes is recommended.

El Nido Palawan

El Nido Palawan

Here is the beach area behind the boulders.

💦Talisay Beach

El Nido Palawan

We had our lunch over this beach. Again, we are really amazed by the food during this tour. We had fresh fruits, grilled pork belly, crabs, green shells, grilled fishes, vegetables and salad plus 2 liters of soda.

💦Matinloc Shrine (View Deck)

We dropped by Matinloc Shrine to climb a not-so-high rock formation to get a photo of the whole view.

El Nido Palawan

💦Secret Beach

Secret Beach has a unique entrance. We had to swim our way in through a small tunnel battling with the waves. Totally a memorable experience.

El Nido Palawan

El Nido Palawan

Here we are, capping our El Nido Experience!

🏖 Day 4

The next day, we woke up early to ride the first trip of a shuttle van from El Nido to Puerto Princesa Palawan. (Van transfer is P500/pax) We had to rush back because our flight to Iloilo City is about 12 noon. 

I recommend Melo as a tour organizer. Contact him via 09168382292.

🏖 Includes in 4K: Van transfer from Puerto Princesa to El Nido (vice versa), Lunch during actual tours (sobrang sarap ng lunch, peks man!), mask & snorkel, an environmental fee (P200/pax), lagoons entrance fee (P200/pax), life vest, and guides to assist you.

🏖 NOT included in 4K: airfare to Puerto Princesa Palawan, accommodation, other meals (breakfast and dinner), aqua shoes rental (P150/pair/day), Kayaking (P350/kayak) and Matinloc Shrine Fee (P100/pax optional). This gives the tourist an option to customize based on their preferences. It can also help us find affordable service providers.

El Nido Palawan

I recommend Melo as a tour organizer. Contact him via 09168382292.

Contact Melo, the most affordable, and friendliest tour organizer in El Nido! He arranged everything for us underlined with our preferences from van transfer to accommodation and tours.

Melo will assist you on:

  • Van Transfers
  • Scout for affordable accommodation (if you have not booked yet)
  • Tour assistance
  • Pasalubong assistance
  • Fetching from the hotel room to the tour dock

This 4 days-3 nights budget plan is to give time allowance before and after the tours to have ample rest. There are affordable meals in El Nido. Meals (breakfast and dinners) budget can be P150/pax/meal. 

What I love about these El Nido adventure tours is you get to have enough time to enjoy every destination island. There is active interaction with nature. You get to swim, do snorkeling, floating, and kayaking. No rush. No hush. Just enjoy the adventure!

El Nido Palawan



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Rosma Resort – Nearby Paradise in San Joaquin Iloilo


Rosma Pebbled Cove Resort or commonly known as “Rosma” is the newest go-to place in Iloilo province which officially opened last September 18, 2019 situated in Barangay Igcadlum in San Joaquin. The resort is much ready for overnight stays, parties and water activities for the family and barkadas. I consider this resort as a little paradise nearby with its close-to-nature ambiance and offerings, from comfortable accommodation to water activities and delicious food!

The resort has an infinity pool, restaurant and bar, with lunch buffet with ihaw-ihaw station every Saturday, lounge area, water rafts for rental. They also have a pavillion hall with a capacity of 80 guests, a high-speed Wi-Fi connection, a KTV, a gift shop, a personal laundry service, and by appointment in-room massage. Also, they are planning to add more water sports, scuba diving and a floating bar before the year ends.

For Rosma room rates,

  • Double Suite (1 double and 1 single bed) with free breakfast for two persons P2100
  • Quadruple Suite (2 double-decker beds) with free breakfast for four persons P2800
  • Family Suite (Native Hut with 5 single beds) with free breakfast for five persons P4000
  • Nipa Hut (on the beach, 2 single beds) with free breakfast for two persons P1500

Should you just want to enjoy the infinity pool inclusive of the entrance fee only,

  • 3-11 years old regular rate P75, on going promo rate P65
  • 12 years old and above regular rate P150, on going promo rate P120

Additional information that may help you during your visit,

  • Check-in time 2:00PM
  • Check-out time 12:00NN
  • Child, 9 years below FREE of charge for overnight stays
  • Guest 10 years above will be charged at P300/night with FREE breakfast
  • Kids should be supervised by a guardian
  • Breakfast is served from 6:30AM to 10:00AM
  • Welcome drinks upon arrival
  • Transportation for private tour of surrounding attractions available upon request
  • Load Center under Wi-Fi
  • Concierge service will assist you with tour flights transportation and special request 24/7
  • Senior Citizen and PWD with IDs will have discounts of 20%

Note: Rates may change without prior notice.


And the most important part, your guide to get there! Rosma Pebbled Cove Resort is along the main highway going to Antique. Here are ways to get to Rosma.

  • From Iloilo Terminal Market (Super). Take a Lawigan, San Joaquin jeep.
  • From Molo Bus Terminal. Take a Dao bus going to Antique.

In any of these options, tell the driver to drop you off at the resort. The resort is located across Igcadlum Primary School.

Thank you for your continued support on my travel journey! See you on my next blog! For more travel blogs, click here.

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50-Million Campaign for Iloilo MICE Tourism
October 15, 2019
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9 Reasons for Iloilo as a MICE Destination


Iloilo – culinary haven, a vibrant festival destination, a cosmopolitan trading port since the turn of the last century, the heart of the Philippines, and so much more.

It’s a fairly easy task to fall in love with Iloilo – a locale steeped in history and rich indigenous culture, yet also an emergent city assuredly making strides toward a sustainable tomorrow, an eclectic marriage of the traditional and the modern. As multifaceted as it is colorful, Iloilo will leave you spellbound by its manifold charms.

Here are 9 reasons why you should consider the “City of Love” as your next MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences/Conventions, Exhibitions) destination.

1. The Heart of the Philippines

Smack dab in the middle of this vibrant archipelago, Iloilo’s strategic location lends its ease of accessibility to most major hubs in both Luzon and Mindanao, as well as being a gateway to multi-cultural Panay Island and the greater Visayas.

2.Steeped in History

Ours is a culture shaped by a rich genteel history and undeniable Spanish influence, as demonstrated by Iloilo’s architectural marvels: from the stately ancestral mansions of the moneyed sugar barons to age-old ornate churches that have stood the test of time. The country’s former textile capital and the Philippines’ most important seaport during the Spanish era – second only to Manila – one only needs to visit Iloilo’s immersive museums to fully fathom the city’s old glory.

3. Food-Lover’s Haven

Satisfy your cravings: From the quintessential Ilonggo batchoy, to seafood freshly plucked from the ocean, to saccharine delicacies that will satisfy any sweet tooth – Iloilo is a gastronomical destination like no other. Iloilo’s sprawling shorelines and serendipitous proximity to the uplands ensures abundant produce from both the land and the sea whole year-round, making it a bountiful playground for chefs and foodies alike.

4. Sunny Shores and Marvelous Mounts

Traced by the Panay Gulf in the east and bordered by the Central Panay Mountain Range in the west, Iloilo and its neighboring provinces has scenic excursions for beachcombers and mountain adventurers alike.


Photo credits:

5. Heartfelt Ilonggo Hospitality

Ilonggos, Iloilo’s locals, are known to be a generous and hospitable bunch – it isn’t the “City of Love” for nothing. Hoteliers and restauranteurs in this cosmopolitan destination put a premium on exceptional service to delight guests, but Ilonggos have always been innately warm and outgoing.

6. Beacon of Sustainability

Lauded for numerous successful civic initiatives, sustainability has become the foundation for the mapping and planning of this developing metropolis. The Iloilo River Esplanade first comes to mind, an 8.1-kilometer linear park that traces the banks of its namesake waterway, running along major thoroughfares in the city.

7. Among Southeast Asia’s Safest Place

Iloilo is consistently recognized as one of the safest cities in Southeast Asia by the survey of international online database Numbeo. In 2019, the city landed 8th place, following the ranks of Singapore, Bangkok, and Bali, among others.

8. Seamless Incentives

The tight-knit collaboration of Iloilo’s MICE Alliance seeks to offer a seamless experience, with an across-the-board incentive plan that no other city is likely capable to match – encompassing from confab discounts on domestic airfare, to exclusive hotel perks, and even concessions from major malls and affiliated restaurants. Iloilo promises an unparalleled MICE experience. Giving meeting planners every reason to choose Iloilo as their next MICE venue.

9. International MICE Standards

Iloilo is committed to abide by the tight touchstones of global MICE standards. The city has revealed itself a trailblazer, being one of only a few hubs in the Philippines to have successfully hosted both APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) meetings and ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) delegates in 2015 and 2017, respectively.


Photo credits:

For more information, you visit Iloilo MICE Alliance, Department of Tourism at Ground floor, Casa Real de Iloilo (Old Iloilo Provincial Capitol), Gen. Luna St., Iloilo City, Philippines or contact their office through these numbers: (+63 33) 337-5411 / 335-0245 (Telefax). You can also reach them online through an email, or visit the website, #MeetYouInIloilo


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BHive Hotel – A Virtual Tour in a Classic Rustic Wood Themed Hotel


Situated the middle of the entertainment and big malls in Iloilo City lies a medium-sized hotel – BHive Hotel. This hotel located at Taft North, Mandurriao features classic wood theme interior with a rustic accent. As you enter their lobby, Benito’s Cafe will welcome you with a light ambiance good for small talks and catch up meetings. The place is glammed with instagrammable corners. They also have a board room available for corporate meetings.


I got a chance to check BHive rooms. The room is divided into two sections: a receiving area and a bedroom with a bath and comfort room. The receiving area has a coffee table with chairs, a small couch, a hanger rack, and a closet. It is quite a homey set up to separate the bedroom from the receiving area.


For more details, check this photo.


Other Facebook reviews about this place we as follows.
BHive Hotel has a comfortable, clean and spacious rooms. It is accessible to SM City, Gaisano Diversion, Plazuela and Megaworld Festive Walk Mall. It is also affordable for backpackers. The hotel has warm staff for accommodation.

More photos below.




Receiving Area of Unit Room


Receiving Area of Unit Room


Bed Room Area



Board Room

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Iloilo Business Park Transport Hub: Western Visayas’ First Premium P2P Bus Services

Transport Hub

ILOILO CITY, Philippines, July 10, 2019 – Property giant Megaworld is set to open its Transport Hubs this year to serve the requirements of the region’s first Premium P2P service in Iloilo Business Park.

The P350-million Iloilo Business Park Transport Hubs will have two terminals – one for departures and another for arrivals – that will be strategically located along the township’s Megaworld Boulevard, just in front of the Festive Walk Mall.

Transport Hub

Traveller’s Lounge

Each terminal, sitting on a 4,000-square meter lot each, will feature its own Traveler’s Lounge, an airconditioned facility where passengers can relax and wait for their trips at the Departure Terminal, and also wait for their transits or pick-up vehicles at the Arrival Terminal. Each lounge will have shower rooms and toilets, all for the convenience of departing and arriving passengers.

At the Traveler’s Lounge of the Departure Terminal, passengers will also have the convenience of booking and purchasing their tickets at its own Ticketing Booths. It will also have Breastfeeding Stations, and Free WiFi access.

Each terminal will also have its own Food Park where passengers can indulge in wide array for food choices while waiting.

At the second and third level of each terminal, 200 parking slots will be made available for free.

“We aim to provide world-class and convenient service in land transport for the local and international travelers in and out of Iloilo City. Hopefully, this will serve as a model for other transport hubs in the region,” says Jose Arnulfo Batac, head of estate management, Megaworld.

LTFRB Region 6 is rolling out the first Premium Point-to-Point Buses in Western Visayas tomorrow, July 11, with Iloilo Business Park as its main hub in Panay Island.

The project is part of the government’s Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program (PUVMP), a flagship program spearheaded by the Department of Transportation (DOTr).

Transport Hub

Ticketing Office

Around 106 P2P buses, equipped with the auto-pay system, will be launched on July 11, serving the following routes: Iloilo Business Park to Iloilo Airport, Iloilo Business Park to Roxas Airport, Iloilo Business Park to Kalibo Airport, and Iloilo Business Park to Caticlan Airport (Boracay), and vice versa.

At the same time, the LTFRB Region 6 will also simultaneously launch other modernized PUVs composed of 365 taxis and 165 jeepneys, which are also equipped with the auto-pay system.

“We thank the LTFRB Region 6 for this partnership, and we hope that we are able to contribute to the success of this modernization campaign for the betterment of the country’s transport industry. All of our townships, especially those in urban centers, serve as convergence points of motorists and commuters. Thus, we integrate transport hubs in our developments to meet the transport needs of the local community,” explains Batac.

Megaworld’s Iloilo Business Park in Mandurriao District, Iloilo City is a 72-hectare integrated urban township that is home to rows of residential towers, state-of-the-art office towers, the Festive Walk Mall, the 1.1-kilometer Festive Walk Parade, two first-class hotels (Richmonde Hotel Iloilo and Courtyard by Marriott, the Iloilo Convention Center, the Iloilo Museum of Contemporary Art (ILOMOCA), and the rising Commercial and Boutique Hotel District.

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FIVE BIG REASONS to love Megaworld Hotels’ CLUB ACCESS Card

Megaworld's Access Card

Megaworld’s Access Card packed with perks and freebies now available in Iloilo for only P6,999 – Imagine the fun and the thrill of experiencing the best of the Philippines—from the festive city of Iloilo, the splendid shores of Mactan, the chilly hills of Tagaytay, and the thrilling landscape of Manila—with just one privilege card.

Megaworld's Access Card

Discover more of the beauty of Western Visayas and the cities and islands around the country—along with their scrumptious cuisines, our world-class hospitality, and more—Megaworld Hotels brings you CLUB ACCESS, an exclusive membership privilege card packed with exciting perks and discounts from some of the finest local hotel brands nationwide.

Itching to know why this card is a must-have for every traveler? Here are five reasons why you will definitely love to have your own Club Access card.

  1. Its the most affordable hotel privilege card to date.

Members can fully enjoy the power of Club Access for an entire year for a Php6,999 one-time membership fee. This then entitles the cardholder to discounts on dining, rooms—even during special promotions—amenities, and other hotel services.

Megaworld's Access Card

“Club Access is designed for the quintessential traveler, someone who wants to experience the best accommodations our hotels can offer in several key destinations like Boracay, Tagaytay, and soon, Cebu. It is perfect for people who love being pampered and know that they deserve the best,” says Natalie Lim, general manager of Richmonde Hotel Iloilo, who also serves as the Club Access spokesperson.

  1. It gives members access to the most number of homegrown hotels nationwide.

Participating in this privilege program are six (6) existing and ten (10) soon-to-open Megaworld homegrown hotel brands nationwide.

Existing hotel brands include Richmonde Hotel Ortigas, Eastwood Richmonde Hotel, Richmonde Hotel Iloilo, Belmont Hotel Manila, Savoy Hotel Manila, and Savoy Hotel Boracay.

Eastwood Richmonde Hotel

Between this year and the next three years, ten (10) more homegrown hotels will open and become part of the program: Twin Lakes Hotel Tagaytay, and Chinatown Hotel in Binondo, Manila, both of which will be opening within this year; Savoy Hotel Mactan and Belmont Hotel Mactan Newtown, both in Mactan Island, Cebu; Belmont Hotel Boracay and Chancellor Hotel Boracay, both in Boracay Island; Kingsford Hotel and Grand Westside Hotel in Westside City within the booming Entertainment City near Manila Bay; and the recently announced Belmont Hotel Iloilo in Iloilo Business Park and the Upper East Hotel in Bacolod.

Megaworld's Access Card

Belmont Hotel

  1. It offers up to 5 nights worth of FREE stays!

The Club Access card gives members almost five complimentary nights worth of stay: One (1) complimentary overnight stay in a standard room at any Megaworld Hotel; One (1) 50% room discount voucher at any Megaworld Hotel; one (1) 50% room discount each at Richmonde Hotel Iloilo, Richmonde Hotel Ortigas, Eastwood Richmonde Hotel, Belmont Hotel Manila, Savoy Hotel Manila, and Savoy Hotel Boracay; and Two (2) Complimentary Upgrades to the Next Room Category at all participating hotels.

Megaworld's Access Card

Richmonde Hotel Iloilo

On top of this, members get unlimited 20% discount on Best Available Rates in all types of rooms, inclusive of breakfast for two. On promotional rates and special holidays, members can still get 10% discount on all types of rooms inclusive of breakfast for two.

“For every stay in the hotel, members will receive our Exclusive Welcome Amenities. There will also be a priority lane for Club Access members so they don’t need to queue in long lines for check-ins and check-outs,” adds Lim.

Megaworld's Access Card

Richmonde Hotel Ortigas

  1. Get unparalleled access to hotels in key tourism sites.

“So far, this is the only hotel privilege card that provides more hotel choices within the Philippines, especially in key tourism areas like Cebu, Boracay, and Tagaytay,” Lim shares.

Aptly wrapped in elegant royal blue, the Club Access card also comes with hotel vouchers and certificates that offer discounts and complimentary accommodations and dining experiences.

Megaworld's Access Card

Savoy Hotel Boracay

The Club Access card is non-transferable, although tagging along another person is always welcome so you fully enjoy the fun of staying at any Megaworld Hotel.

  1. It supports 100% Filipino hotel chains.

No other membership privilege card offers travelers the fun of experiencing some of the Philippines’ 100% Filipino hotel brands that capture the warmth of true Filipino hospitality than Club Access.

Members can indulge in the finest local cuisines for FREE at all participating F&B outlets from any Megaworld Hotel chain when accompanied by one paying guest. Member plus two guests, meanwhile, get 30% discount on total bill; member plus three guests at 25%; member plus four to 19 guests at 20% discount. Even members dining alone automatically get 30% off the total bill.

Megaworld's Access Card

Savoy Hotel Manila

During special occasions and holidays like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, members can still get unlimited 10% discounts on their total F&B bills. Indulge limitlessly on the mouth-watering cuisines and drinks from Richmonde Hotel Ortigas’ Richmonde Café, The Exchange, and Lobby Café; Eastwood Richmonde Hotel’s Eastwood Cafe + Bar; Richmonde Hotel Iloilo’s The Granary, BizBar, and Zabana Bar; Belmont Hotel Manila’s Cafe Belmont and Roof Top 11; Savoy Hotel Manila’s Savoy Cafe, The Poolside, Connect Lounge, and Zabana Bar; and Savoy Hotel Boracay’s Savoy Cafe, Vienne Lobby Lounge, and Chambery Pool Bar.

Aside from complimentary stays, room upgrades, and dining discounts and freebies, members also get the following:

  • Exclusive Priority VIP Lane for all Club Access members.
  • 10% off on Spa treatments.
  • 20% off on Gym Annual Membership Fees.
  • 20% off on Day Pass use of swimming pool for up to 4 persons (not applicable to Savoy Hotel Manila).
  • Complimentary non-motorized water sports activities for maximum of 2 hours in Savoy Hotel Boracay.
  • Complimentary wash & press laundry services for up to three (3) pieces of clothing, excluding dry cleaning services, plus 30% discount on next availment of such services when staying as a paying guest.
  • Complimentary Scheduled Shuttle service from the hotel to the main station in when staying in Savoy Hotel Boracay.
  • 15% discount on total food bill for banquets and social events with a minimum spend of P20,000 only applicable to the following hotels:
    • Richmonde Hotel Ortigas – Dinner on weekdays/All-day on weekends.
    • Eastwood Richmonde Hotel – Dinner on weekdays/All-day on Sundays.
    • Richmonde Hotel Iloilo – All-day on weekends.
    • Twin Lakes Hotel – 15% off on weekdays and 10% off on weekends (not valid on banquet packages).
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