308 families returned home after oil spill

AC Energy Philippines Families Return Home Oil Spill

Iloilo City – After developing and executing the set of parameters for the reintegration of the community, the last remaining 41 households were cleared and passed the reintegration parameters and have returned home on Saturday, July 18 after the oil spill. Confirmed return are 70 families from Mansaya on July 15, 102 Families – Obrero Zone 2 on July 16, 95 Families – Obrero Zone 3 on July 17 and 41 Families – Obrero Zone on July 18.

The set of parameters used for the reintegration of the community after oil spill happened was developed and executed by a multi-stakeholder task force composed of the various barangays in Iloilo City, the Iloilo City Government and its various offices, the Philippine Coast Guard, and AC Energy Philippines and its consultant AECOM Philippines and cleanup contractor Harbor Star Shipping Services Inc., to ensure the safe return of the evacuated families to their homes.

Moreover, AC Energy Philippines initiated the distribution of 2,350 food packs to communities of Loboc, Mansaya, and Obrero, in collaboration with the various barangays in Iloilo City.

AC Energy Philippines Iloilo Oil Spill

Environmental Management Plan for Guimaras

Gabby Mejia and AECOM Philippines presented their action plans on the effects of oil spill in Guimaras in a meeting last Saturday, July 18 with representatives of the Guimaras government led by Gov. Samuel T. Gumarin MD, MPH, and Vice Gov. Atty. John Edward G. Gando.

AC Energy Philippines together with AECOM presented its spill assessment update and criteria called Shoreline Clean-up and Assessment Technique (SCAT) similar to the action plans and commitments made for Iloilo City. Based on international standards, the method will include surveying and documenting the impact of spills on shorelines, and the effectiveness of cleanup activities and conduct post-cleanup inspections and evaluations. The whole assessment includes fisheries and mangrove rehab after the oil spill had encroached the aquatic ecosystem.

Mr. Mejia also met and discussed the action plans with Mayor Ruben Corpuz, Municipality of Jordan, Hon. Ma. Lucille Nava, Congresswoman of Lone District of Guimaras, and Mr. JC Rahman A. Nava, Former Congressman of Lone District of Guimaras.

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The Blatant Signs of Unemployment


I have been a freelance brand and marketing consultant for local brands in Iloilo City, Philippines for two years now. I started with a blog and a Facebook Page, then expanded to brand and marketing strategies. Earlier this year, I jumped in as a life coach on leadership, brands, and personal development. Basically, I left employment to pursue a passionate career.

During that stretch of 730 days, I would like to believe I have reached a handful commendable milestone:

  • Created a viral post for a local brand on their product relaunching.
  • Increased sales of a local aesthetic spa brand.
  • Built brand value on one of the most innovative coffee shops in the city.
  • Increased sales on the new cake of a local pastry shop.

I also would like to think that I have made progress in what feels like “blink-of-an-eye” timespan.

I have written a considerable number of articles and social media posts. I discovered new traits and abilities about myself. I also have observed and took note of the ins and outs of the social marketing industry.

I also learned that anyone can lose one’s self in this game of glamour and online popularity contest.

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to ravage the globe, I reflect on how I have become today and where I started.

I left my office work three years ago to pursue a freelance marketing job. Although it was my own doing, I found myself living day by day with a whole lot of prayers and a depleting P2,000 in my pocket monthly.

In my days of lack, I learned how to pray for my daily bread to arrive. When supplies diminish and demand rises beyond the border, I learned how to pray, “Thy will be done.”

As my money goes thinner by the day, I remind myself of the vision I saw for myself in the next ten years. It can’t be seen now but I believed that I was planting little by little to see it coming in the future.

There are days that not only lack money but lacks hope. These are the days when I have to cry myself to sleep thinking whether I had the right decision or I only had a delusion. Tough nights to find myself asleep with my mind floating around for answers to suffice my unemployment.

I realized that my strong belief in the vision of myself kept me whole in those nights despite the reality of lack, losses, and lamentation.

While lamenting on my situation, I pushed myself to be creative and resourceful. Amid doubts and fear, I convinced myself of the good future I am aiming for. 

I found out that in desperate times, no one can ever convince us to survive and thrive but ourselves.

In writing this, I remember the story of the Prodigal Son. In his lowest low, no one was ever convincing enough to lead him back to his father. It was his own words spoken to himself that made him come back to his home. 

I learned that in our pits, only our words to ourselves can pick us up to go back to the goodness of God and life. Not our friends nor our family’s words.

When I picked myself up from the mire of self-doubts and fear, I saw limitless potentials standing upfront. The horizon is just too wide to even comprehend. Believe in the plans God has for our lives. No matter what happens in the world, God stays as God.

I learned to believe in the goodness of God and that His mercies are really renewed every morning.

Think about that! I had no enough money. I am unemployed. I was learning the ways of this industry having suffered from unemployment. I was a nobody. But someone saw the same vision as I have. My first brand partner was a home to me.

I learned to keep on moving despite some hurdles that made me fall sometimes. I learned how to get up time and time again.

One by one, my vision of myself is coming to pass piece by piece. I kept my ground intact. I have to see the totality of myself in the next five years. 

I knew that I had to respect the process and to understand the element of time. 

Just like any other story, there can be hundreds of instances where I may have let go of the rope and just let myself drown in the ocean of desperation to die. 

There were times I had to cave in myself from people, potentials and more so from predators. But these days are different now.

After meditating on this article for a bit, I now know that its purpose is two-fold.

  • For one, it is a reminder for me to keep the vision and continue the run. It is a ‘sticky note’ on my forehead on what I have undergone and what I now become. This article is a reminder that the same God who was with me then, is still the same God who is with me now and will with me tomorrow.
  • It also serves as a reminder to you. My vision is paired with a mission to also inspire and motivate a community – that community includes you. Yeah, that community is ‘you’. I hope that despite the global crisis today, you are still up to pursue the vision you have for yourself. I hope you are closer to kicking off the self-doubt and fear from yourself and building the life God has destined for you.

Don’t lose sight of why you are chasing the vision despite the challenges.

Don’t lose hope while you are running the race of life.

Don’t forget to rest when you face exhaustion.

Don’t hesitate to pray when you are overwhelmed.

Don’t doubt yourself and what God has gifted you.

Don’t give up even if you are unemployed now for whatever reason. Trust God. Trust the process.

Remember that.

Ready for personal development? I launched my newest services customize for every aspirant – Coach Nile.PH which caters one-to-one coaching sessions on business branding and marketing, leadership and personal development. Inquire now for affordable rates and schedules.

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SM Group allocates P100M towards COVID-19 outbreak support

SM Group SM Mall of Asia COVID-19
SM Group allocates Php100M towards COVID-19 outbreak support to PGH, RITM, and other government hospitals after several community quarantine is implemented on some areas of the country with President Duterte announcing an ‘enhanced community quarantine’ status. Part of the president’s speech was asking big businesses to help in the process.
“To ensure the safety of medical frontliners, SM is bringing in personal protective equipment (PPE) – face masks, gowns, visors, hoods, gloves, and shoe covers, as well as urgent medical supplies to help government hospitals who badly need them,” said SM Prime’s Hans Sy.
Assistance has also been extended to Philippine General Hospital (PGH) and Research Institute for Tropical Management (RITM) for their urgent needs and for improving their laboratory testing capacity.
SM has also allocated PPEs and medical supplies to the UP Medical Foundation Inc. to reach a wider network of hospitals.
To improve the availability of tests, SM has reached out to Manila Healthtek Inc. to distribute 20,000 tests for free to government hospitals, once approved for use.
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Oceans Edge Resort, NEXT Big Thing near Boracay!

Oceans Edge Resort Carabao Island

Summer 2020 is anticipated to have thousands of tourist arrival this year in Boracay Island. More than that, we are seeing a revival of the sister island of Boracay, the Carabao Island. The island is geared towards sustainable and cultural tourism with the opening of Oceans Edge Resort. 

Carabao Island is the southernmost island of Romblon, dubbed as the “twin sister” island of the world famous Boracay Island of Aklan. Popularly known as Hambil to the locals, this island is only an hour away from the busy party scenes in Boracay. Despite its closeness, Carabao Island entirely offers an opposite ambiance to tourists. The island is part of the town of San Jose in the province of Romblon with about five barangays and less than 10,000 inhabitants. 

Oceans Edge Resort Carabao Island

Carabao Island reams international standard as its newest destination, Oceans Edge Resort opens up for a redefined luxurious paradise with several facilities from villas, clubhouse and bar lounge, shuttle van, infinity swimming pool, all-natural farm and spa services. 

On top of the sun, sea, sand and serenity totally opposite of Boracay’s life, the island is magnified with simple pleasures of climbing a bent coconut tree, watching the sun rise and listening to the waves. Time passes unnoticed in this tropical paradise of serene beauty.

Oceans Edge Resort Carabao Island

The country’s most famous coconut tree!

Oceans Edge Resort is the flagship development of Oceans 11 Property Development Inc., a real estate company registered in the Philippines specializing in resort development. The Company ventures in 5-star luxury properties in the country. 

Let me give you a virtual tour of the resort.

We arrived at Caticlan, Aklan in the morning. We crossed the water to get to Carabao Island. Then we took a shuttle van to the resort. We were welcomed with this view from the infinity pool and a cocktail drink.

After some chit chat, we were brought to our villas. Oh the beauty, our villa is facing the viewing deck. The resort has three types of villas – garden view, ocean view and cliff villa.

Oceans Edge Resort Carabao Island

Oceans Edge Resort Carabao Island

Oceans Edge Resort Carabao Island

Let us check out the view from our villa!

Oceans Edge Resort Carabao Island

Oceans Edge Resort Carabao Island

Oceans Edge Resort Carabao Island

Also, let us check out the clubhouse and the bar lounge.

Oceans Edge Resort Carabao Island

Oceans Edge Resort Carabao Island

Here is the view from the bar lounge.

Oceans Edge Resort Carabao Island

Another view from the clubhouse.

Oceans Edge Resort Carabao Island

One more plus point of this resort is because of its inclusive and holistic approach in tourism. The resort highlights and hires native to do minimal services. The owner fully support the welfare of the natives as she believes they too belong in this advocacy.

Oceans Edge Resort Carabao Island

Another amazing view is the sunset which can be viewed from our villa.

Oceans Edge Resort Carabao Island

The sunset’s warm light striking the garden view villas.

Oceans Edge Resort Carabao Island

Of course, the resort won’t be as good without the sumptuous food. They have their own organic and all-natural farm and garden from where they get their ingredients, vegetables and fruits. Looks tasty, right?

There are more reason to visit Carabao Island, and definitely Oceans Edge Resort is the best one so book nowOceans Edge Resort, The Next Big Thing near Boracay Island. Discover a hotel that defines the new dimension of luxury, a tropical paradise waiting to be discovered this summer! The unspoilt natural beauty in Carabao Island, Romblon!

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Transcom Iloilo Goes Green 2020

Transcom Iloilo Goes Green 2020

Transcom Iloilo continues to create efforts in preserving and protecting our environment as the city is preparing for its annual festival. An estimated 20,000 participants, both locals and tourists, went out to the streets to experience the parade leading to the Viva Musicfest where OPM bands and artists were invited to perform at the Megaworld Blvd., Iloilo Business Park.

Throughout the festivities, Transcom Iloilo provided trash bins, instead of branded paraphernalias that will end up in landfills. This way, participants will also be aware of proper waste segregation. Hundreds of local Transcom employees also joined the festivity not just to have fun, but with a mission to ensure a waste-free event.

As Transcom’s CEO for GER, Mark Lyndsell, puts it into words — Transcom’s 2020 vision is to continue the initiative to take care of the environment and lessen the ecological footprints. This started in 2019 with planting trees along the shoreline of Iloilo.

Transcom Iloilo Goes Green 2020

Making life simpler by creating smarter people experiences, Trancom’s vision is a promise and an obligation to their employees, their clients, and their clients’ customers. Sustainability was an essential part in their corporate strategy, business culture, and daily operations.

Transcom Cares is Transcom’s sustainability program focusing on social sustainability. This program started as an employee grassroots initiative by Transcom employees in the Philippines. Over the years, it grew into an overarching global corporate outreach program. The program consists of three pillars: people development, equality and diversity, and community engagement.

Transcom Iloilo is strongly committed to the communities in which they operate. Their employees’ passion to contribute their time and energy fuels many of their community engagement activities, making us all proud to work at Transcom.

Don’t forget to be habitually conscious on our garbage disposal. Check out Transcom recyclable bins around the area as you visit Iloilo City during the festivities!

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Megaworld Targets 30 Townships, Lifestyle Communities By 2020


MANILA, Philippines, June 17, 2019 – Megaworld, the country’s largest developer of integrated urban townships and lifestyle communities, is set to launch six more townships this year until 2020. This will bring the company’s township portfolio to 30 by next year.

These new developments will cover an expansive land area of around 2,000 hectares. Most of these are from new land acquisitions carried by Megaworld Group’s land banking efforts during the last five years.

Five of these new expansive townships and lifestyle communities are in Luzon, while one is in Mindanao.

“Currently, we have a little over 4,000 hectares of both developed and developable land. By next year, we will increase our land ownership and land holding to more than 6,000 hectares as we continue to focus on our goal to expand to key growth areas in the provinces; help boost tourism, provide jobs, and further spur economic opportunities outside of Metro Manila,” reveals Kevin L. Tan, chief strategy officer.

At present, Megaworld already has 24 townships and lifestyle communities spread across the country: Nine (9) in Metro Manila, which include Eastwood City, McKinley Hill, Forbes Town, McKinley West, Uptown Bonifacio, Newport City, Alabang West, Westside City, and Arcovia City; eight (8) in Luzon, which include Capital Town Pampanga, Eastland Heights, Twin Lakes, Southwoods City, Suntrust Ecotown, Maple Grove, Hamptons Caliraya, and Highland City; six (6) in the Visayas, which include The Mactan Newtown, Iloilo Business Park, Boracay Newcoast, The Upper East, Northill Gateway, and Sta. Barbara Heights; and one (1) in Mindanao, the Davao Park District.

The Megaworld Group is composed of mother company Megaworld Corporation and its subsidiaries Global-Estate Resorts, Inc. (GERI), Empire East Land Holdings, Inc. (EELHI), and Suntrust Properties, Inc.

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My 15 Summer Destination 2018

It is getting hotter each day. Beaches are calling my name from afar. The chills of rural areas are skipping through my bones. This summer, or even this year, even just for a dream, here are some places I want to spend a weekend. They might also be your dream summer destination.

Summer Destination 1: Perth Paradise Resort

-Sipalay, Negros Occidental


Photo credits to tuklaserangmatipid.com

Perth Paradise is found in a far town of Negros Occidental – SipalayThe town is an attraction of beautiful beaches stretching from one to the other. Perth Paradise is named after the capital of Western Australia. The beauty of the resort is highlighted by a relaxing infinity pool overlooking to wondrous spots of islands on a sea which creates a scenic beauty I long to behold.

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Bluejay Coffee and Co. – What’s New?

Bluejay Coffee and Co

Bluejay Coffee and Co. had its new menu grand launching with their latest promo – #PayWhatYouWant – and everyone was invited. The promo happened on three branches in separate dates – August 15 at The Medical City (7AM-8PM), 17 at Ayala Techno Hub (7AM-12AM) and SM City Iloilo (7AM-9PM). For me, it was a great deal and a great chance to spread the word out about their new menu. So how was the experience?

Bluejay Coffee and Co

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After a successful and life-changing gift-giving and feeding program in Concepcion, Mahalo Team is down to reaching and touching more precious lives in Brgy. Alipata, Sicogon Island. We  will be impacting 198 children on May 20, 2017.


More to that, we will have mini medical mission. Also, there will be fun games for kids and a short praise and worship, sharing of God's Word and giving of Bibles. And Simply Weekend is grateful enough to be part of this memorable and meaningful activity.

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